Full Moon in Capricorn 19th July 2016

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full moon in capricorn
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Published on July 11, 2016
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Full Moon in Capricorn 2016

Pam talks about the astrological developments for the second half of July, the Full Moon in Capricorn, and the strong themes of freedom and control. What does this mean for you?


full moon in capricorn

Many of the millions who read their daily horoscopes want a better understanding of astrology–and here is the perfect, comprehensive, and great looking guide to teach them. Written by one of the world’s most popular contemporary astrologers,

full moon in capricorn
Many have suspected that your birthday affects your personality and how you relate to others. Nineteen years and over one million copies later, The Secret Language of Birthdays continues to fascinate readers by describing the characteristics associated with being born on a particular day.

full moon in capricorn

This is such a fascinating book on Astrology, it is indeed a great crash course. I’ve been fascinated with it for a long time now and this book has helped me understand some of the things that I don’t know before. The discussions it made for every Zodiac Sign had been so informative and concise. They seem to be so real, I can attest that what I have read about my sign is true. Indeed,

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