New Moon In Virgo Sept 2016 Plus A Solar Eclipse

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New Moon In Virgo Sept 2016
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Published on August 16, 2016
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New Moon In Virgo Sept 2016 Oracle Reading

New Moon In Virgo Sept 2016 – The primary fret about this Solar eclipse is that it triggers Saturn Square Neptune which has actually shown to have been an exceptionally treacherous cosmic force. You can attempt to ‘increase above the 3D’ and take a spiritual position. However because we are stuck on this world, borders are a concern and war is being combated on a physical level in addition to the psychological.

It is extremely appealing to spiritually bypass our existing truth, however if our team believe we are on this world for a function, we will need to get our hands unclean! Saturn square Neptune then, is an ideal sign of the dispute in between Neptune optimistic compassion on the one hand and the abhorred Saturn ‘dislike speaking’ realists on the other.

The terrorism in the last 2 weeks in Europe (From Nice on July 14 onward) has actually been unmatched! Throughout this duration we should likewise think about Saturn’s existing positioning with repaired star Antares. Saturn station guides on this subversive, war star on August 13. Robson states of Saturn on Antares “Materialistic, deceitful through situations produced by environment, spiritual hypocrisy, lots of dissatisfaction, loss through quarrels and legal affairs, difficulty through opponents, numerous failures”


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